Goal Station

Preskills Rebounder XL

Our Home Edition Rebounder
Made specific for home training

PRESKILLS Rebounder XL is a Danish designed product with top quality in mind. Focusing on simplicity, ease and applicability. The Rebounders are made of 100% eco-friendly plastic and can be stored in all weather. PRESKILLS Rebounder gives a realistic and natural back-pass compared to other products on the market.

Improve your skills
  • Passing and first touch
  • Shooting and finishing
  • Weak and strong foot
  • Ball control, dribbling and feints
  • Game intelligence and decision making
  • Turns, cuts and changes of direction
  • Coordination, balance and quick feet
  • Fold easily and fast for effortless transportation
  • Fits in the trunk of a car
  • Applicable on almost all surfaces; including grass, artificial turf, hybrid grass, dirt, gravel and sand
  • All levels and age groups can use PRESKILLS Rebounder
  • Train by yourself, together with friends or family members
  • Move it easily around using the slide function and the small handle
  • Turn it upside down to get a natural bounce for practising first timer and half-volley
  • High ball ground control
  • Useful for goalkeeper training
  • 140 x 50 cm / approx. 55 x 20 in

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