Goal Station

Focus Trainer #88 (8 Rebounders, 8 Ignite Lights)

A football player's ultimate training tool

With the Focus Trainer you get 8 Soccer Rebounders and Ignite Trainers. The Ignite Trainers allows for self training when you are alone and are in need of a training partner. The Focus Trainer Pro also gives the coach the freedom to train the players and give them feedback instead of having his/her attention focused on making passes or starting the play. In addition, it is an exceptional tool for training goalkeeper’s reaction time. The Ignite System are easy to set up and are adjustable according to the player’s needs. Use the Ignite System to work on vision, awareness, orientation, reaction time and decision making.

A complete training system for all age groups and abilities.
  • 8 x Rebounders PRO
  • 8 x Ignite Trainers + Ignite Controller
  • The Soccer Rebounders are easy to transport by using “wheelbarrow” technology - The angles of play are simple to adjust
  • Change the distance of the portable Soccer Rebounders according to skill level

Player App:

  • Using our PLAYER APP, you can capture live data when training in the FOCUS 360 ARENA
  • Use Goal Station training drills or program your own to better suit your team's needs
  • Keep track of all the results of the day, rank your level against your teammates, and design your own Player card.
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  • Designed in Denmark by UEFA Pro coaches
  • Engineered in Denmark
  • Made in Denmark

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