Goal Station

Arena Pro XL

Achieve your full potential. Goal Station Arena is the comprehensive training environment that takes your training to the next level. Maximize your team potential and individual player development by utilizing the cutting edge technology integrated into this optimal training facility. It was designed in Denmark by UEFA Pro License coaches to facilitate the development of world-class professional football players. 
Train all components of the game

The dimensions of the Goal Station Arena allows for the efficient, effective, and precise training of all-encompassing elements of the game.
With 10 full-size goals it replicates a 3rd of the pitch, depending upon which goal is in use

 1 x FOCUS TRAINER #88 ( incl. 8 PACK FITLIGHT )

Technical specifications
 Size: 60 x 22 meters
 Weight: N/A

Danish Design
Made in Europe

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  • Maximize your touches without having to chase the ball.
  • Economize finishing training.
  • Increase your repetition to time ratio. All the balls stay on the pitch!
  • Become a threat in the air offensively and defensively. Take advantage of accurate services from the Ball Cannon®.
  • Master 1v1 offensive and defensive technical, tactical, physical & mental components.
  • Youth sessions to professional training
  • Individual Training
  • Small Group Training
  • Full Team Training
  • Set up a technical agility course to test dribbling, passing, first touch and finishing skills.
  • Train simple technical components to advance technical components. Without pressure, with semi-pressure (passive) and full pressure progressions.
  • Unlimited possibilities for small sided games.
  • Train technical aspects in a tactical game-like situation.
  • Reaction training.
  • Orientation / vision training.
  • Improved and faster decision making.
    • High Intensity Aerobic Training (Foundation of Football Fitness).
    • Anaerobic Training-Production and Tolerance Training.
    • Speed, agility and explosiveness training.
    • Coordination and balance training.

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