Development Program

For athletes and teams who want to see improvements in their game, we provide specialized training sessions and training programs to cater to every player. We can provide long term training or short term training programs depending upon each player’s or team’s needs.

GS Camps

GS also offers day camps (2-3 sessions), weekend camps and week long camps as an option. As part of the camp (if located in Hjorring), one of the Fortuna Hjorring professional players will come (upon availability) and speak about her road to success, what it’s like to be a professional athlete and give advice on how to accomplish your dreams. Lunch is provided at all camps. Camps are organized and tailored to your team’s or individual player’s goals.

Single Training sessions

Our training sessions are run by elite, professional and qualified UEFA license coaches who are also GS experts and can be provided to individuals, teams and all types of organizations. The sessions are specifically tailored to the needs of the individual or the group, using Air Bodys, Rebounders, Ball Canon, and Ignite Trainers - our advanced intelligent lights for cognitive training -to create game like situations in order to take your game to the next level. 

Types of training sessions we can provide include:

– One on one individual training
– Group Sessions
– Team Training

Training Programs

Our Training Sessions can have an emphasis on multiple aspects of the game while training technical football skills, including:

– High Intensity Aerobic Training (Base fitness and endurance)
– Speed, Agility, Explosiveness and Quickness (with or without the ball)
– Anaerobic Training-Production and Tolerance Runs (with or without the ball)
– Strength training and Transfer Training(At the fitness center next to the GS and at the GS pitch)
– Balance and coordination

Athlete's Lounge

– Use of technologically advanced equipment that up until now as only available to professional clubs.

– Work on strengths and weaknesses in all aspects of performance to take your game to the next level.

– Goal setting implemented into long term programs, increasing motivation to train harder.

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