A-Champs exclusive manufacture and developer of our IGNITE TRAINER ™

Committed to taking innovative solutions to football training,
GOAL STATION has entered into a partnership with A-Champs for technology collaboration.

A-Champs technology was applied in a tailor-made solution for GOAL STATION’s training system, which improves football training effectiveness through simulation of real game scenarios using cognitive learning.

The outcome is a training system - IGNITE TRAINER and IGNITE Controller - that leads to improvements in key-target football skills like coordination, change of direction, speed, agility, reaction time and accuracy, and has a measurable impact on athletes’ performance.

A-Champs is the frontrunner in the interactive raining space and offers a unique combination of high quality, durable hardware, and reliable high-end technology. This partnership will ensure that GOAL STATION can be second-to-none on the four cornerstones: physical products, training methodology, technology, and data.

A-Champs is a Barcelona, Silicone Valley and Shanghai based Sports Tech
start up with the mission to create engaging training solutions for people of all ages and fitness levels.


Using our application, GOAL STATION Player App, you can see instant results from training and compare each training session to the last.
Data from each drill you ever did is stored in the GOAL STATION cloud, and can be accessed at any time by activating History.

With the cutting edge Drill wheel you can navigate through the drill catalog and access the drills you want to explore.
Take your gamification to the next level by adding your friends and teammates to your ranking list.
And push yourself to new standards by keeping track of your improvement - instantly.