With Goal Station we bring to you the ultimate training system. And with the Goal Station player app we take the ultimate training to an even higher level.

With our player app your results are presented to you - live and right there on the track. Keep track of all the results of the day, rank your level against your friends, and design your own Player card.

Your results are tracked with Fitlights, so make every second count in your performance. 

Live data

Get your best results from every practice, ready for you on the dashboard


Keep track of your results and see how you progress over time with historical results. Sign up for your History subscription today.  


Get your friends motivated and compare your overall level to see who is on top of the ranking list


Navigate through tons of drills with our smooth navigations wheel

About Goal Station Digital

Goal Station Digital – Powered by KMD is a joint venture between Goal Station and Danish It-company KMD A/S. Goal Station Digital is in charge of developing easy-to-use digital platforms to support the users of Goal Station, focusing on players, coaches, and clubs. Goal Station Digital is located in Denmark, but is running the Goal Station Digital platforms on world wide scale

With the cutting edge player app, Goal Station Digital sets new standards for how players record their progression. With live data, historic results, teammate ranking, and your very own player card (just like the professionals), the Goal Station player app gives you the feedback you always wanted.