Goal Station is the ultimate training system for soccer that implements cutting edge technology. Our patented systems and products are designed, developed and created to measure the ball and the player with live data for instant results and analysis.

We pride ourselves on creating products that gives players and coaches tools for a versatile, comprehensive, dynamic and progressive training environment. Goal Station Arena provides a multi-functional training area to facilitate an efficient, effective and focused training environment. Improve on all of the aspects in the game, keep track of every player, and maximize your potential!

How the player learns

Cognitive - Introduction to certain skill sets through experience, senses, thought through game like situation drills and scenarios.

Associative - The player understands the skill sets and what they mean to the game. Using repetitions of these scenarios the mind and muscles start to work together faster and more efficiently

Autonomous - The player automatically and fluidly starts to execute these movements, skill sets, scenarios etc. at a level where they no longer doubt or linger on the details.