Using our application, Goal Station Digital, you can see instant results from training and compare each training session to the last. Test your entire team and have all of the data to analyze. Add videos, explanations, notes, before, during, or after each training session. All data can be comparable to other Goal Station locations around the world to see where your team, players, and club stand in comparison. Use our pre-programmed drills or create specific drills to your needs!

The Players Learning Process

Cognitive - Introduction to certain skill sets through experience, senses, thought through game like situation drills and scenarios.

Associative - The player understands the skill sets and what they mean to the game. Using repetitions of these scenarios the mind and muscles start to work together faster and more efficiently

Autonomous - The player automatically and fluidly starts to execute these movements, skill sets, scenarios etc. at a level where they no longer doubt or linger on the details.