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Revolutionize your training with GS Arena

Create world class strikers by exposing them to limitless game-like situation finishing.

Develop elite midfielders who are able to execute quicker orientation, awareness, and accelerated decision making through the use of Fit-Lights, AirBodys and Soccer Rebounders.

Forge dominate defenders through enacting emulation of game conditions, environments and actions with the Ball Canon, Fit-Lights, AirBodys and Soccer Rebounders.

Build unsurpassable goalkeepers that have lightning quick reactions, agile goal coverage and comprehensive ball mastery.

Create your own talent

Goal Station Arena is the comprehensive training environment that takes your training to the next level. Maximize your team potential and individual player development by utilizing the cutting edge technology integrated into this optimal training facility.

GS is meticulously designed to optimize your training. It was designed in Denmark by UEFA Pro License coaches to facilitate in the evolution of world-class professional football players. Since the construction of the first GS in Hjorring, Denmark, professional clubs and coaches all around the world have used the GS to realize the potential of their individual players and teams. GS’s have since been built in India and Australia and continue to expand worldwide.

The dimensions of the pitch are 44x22meters, and it has 8 full size goals at equal increments. (you need to put a photo in here to show the dimensions and how they compare to a real pitch). This section of the pitch is optimal for all aspects of training-ranging from youth training to professional team training, from a single individual training and small group training to team training. It replicates a 3rd of the pitch, depending upon which goal is in use, so it can be utilized for unlimited aspects of the game. Some of these aspects include, when going to goal; crossing and finishing, cutback crosses, finishing crosses back post and front post, etc.

The dimensions of the GS pitch allows for the efficient, effective, and precise training of all-encompassing elements of the game. You can train all physical elements of the game with or without a technical focus, like aerobic and anaerobic training, speed. agility and explosiveness with and without the ball. You can sharpen mental aspects of the game with a technical focus, like reaction training, orientation, and decision making. And one of the most predominant features of the GS is the ability to train technical components of the game in a tactically game simulated environment. This type of goal-driven training is focused on the speed of execution and proficiency of the skill and the possibilities of what and how to train are endless. 

The GS is ideal for training individuals, small group training and team training. You can train minute game specific actions in a tactical setting within individual training, relational technical and tactical training in small groups and play small sided games and possession games within team training. The advantage of using GS is you have all the tools you need to create a dynamic, demanding, adaptable and efficient session to optimize and revolutionize your time on the pitch. No time is wasted on chasing balls that have not hit the target or moving/setting up goals. The Ball Machine, FitLights, Air Bodies, Rebounders and Goal Targets are all user friendly, straightforward to set up, resilient, adaptable and versatile. 

A Goal Target is allocated in each goal, to necessitate precision shooting and finishing. The walls encompassing the eight goals of the GS consists of a 50cm tall and 2.5 cm thick rebounder, that kicks back the ball when passed or shot against the wall. This simulates a ball deflected off a goalkeeper or field player when the ball is shot on goal, and aids in the repetition of reaction training, following up a shot after it is executed. Above this rebounder is a wall made of softer trampoline-like canvas that will also deflect the ball back, continually keeping the ball in play.

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