Goal Station

Focus 360 Arena Pro #6

Take your game to the next level

Cutting edge football arena, with built-in FitLights - Second to None. FOCUS 360 is the new cutting-edge football arena that will revolutionize your football training. The FOCUS 360 was designed in Denmark by UEFA Pro coaches and is used by professional coaches worldwide for all age groups and abilities.


12 x Rebounders = ( 6 x Hitters + 6 x Walls )
6 x Fitlights
1 x Fitlight Tablet powered with GS software

FOCUS 360 is a revolutionary repetition training system by GOAL STATION

  • Powered by FitLight Trainer™ Wireless system
  • Improve first touch, Improve fast feet, Improve agility and reaction time
  • Improve balance and coordination, Improve organization and decision-making
  • Flexible system that can be configured for any specific training.
  • Captures and measures user performances for improvement analysis
  • Single user or multiple users for more dynamic competitive training
  • Portable/mobile system for outdoors and all seasons. 10 minutes set-up time.
  • Made for theProfessionelclubs, academies and players
  • Robust and impact resistant
  • 6 Rebounders x6.6 ft. + 6 Rebounders x3.3 ft.

Player App:

  • Using our PLAYER APP, you can capture live data when training in the FOCUS 360 ARENA
  • Use Goal Station training drills or program your own to better suit your team's needs
  • Keep track of all the results of the day, rank your level against your teammates, and design your own Player card.
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  • Designed in Denmark by UEFA Pro coaches
  • Engineered in Denmark
  • Made in Denmark

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