Focus 360 facilitates improvement of technical speed and precision, accelerated orientation, reaction time and decision making, all of which will take your game to the next level.

Focus 360 comes in 3 different sizes: small with 8 rebounders, medium with 12 rebounders and large with 16 rebounders. It is weather-proof and resilient. All sizes come with Ignite Trainers, which enhances the player’s ability to orientate and react.

Sharpen your first touch, passing and reaction time with the small Focus 360.
Develop proficiency in using all surfaces of the foot to possess a versatile comprehensive skill set.

Train in the medium Focus 360 to enhance your vision, awareness and orientation, executing longer range passes that demand precision and accuracy.

Enhance your 1v1 creativity and defensive domination when you train in the large Focus 360. The ball is continually in play, and the goals are constantly changing, so vision, perception and the ability to adapt quickly to new stimuli is crucial in this dynamically changing football environment.

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