Ignite Controller App version 1.1

We have officially released our Ignite Controller App version 1.1!

The app will automatically update when opened. You can read about the new features and bug fixes in our release note below. 

What’s new in Goal Station Ignite Controller version 1.1


  • Alignment of basic drills: The Basic drills have been updated and aligned so that drills with 2 or 4 ignite trainers now has 16 repetitions, drills with 6 ignite trainers now have 18 repetitions, and drills with 8 ignite trainers have 24 repetitions. Furthermore, the sensitivity of the trainers has been tailored to the different drills, giving you the best experience during your training. 
  • Increased number of maximum lights for customized drills: It is now possible to set up a customized drill with up to 16 ignite trainers. Previously this limit was 8 ignite trainers. 

  • Delete Customized Drills: It is now possible to delete a customized drill. Do this by opening your customized drill --> Edit Settings --> Press the trash can icon

  • Detect Ignite Trainers: You can now discover the order of the Ignite Trainers. For most basic drills, the ignite trainers flashes randomly, but if you set up a customized drill with a locked sequence, you may want to know which ignite trainer is no 1, 2, 3 etc. To identify this, first, make sure that you have connected your trainers. Then go to Setup and then press “Detect Ignite Trainers”. Ignite Trainer no. 1 will then flash red, and the following trainers will flash blue one by one in the sequence that they are connected. 

Bug fixes

  • Misalignment of results in Ignite Controller App and Player App: Results from drills were slightly different on the Ignite Controller and the Player app due to a rounding mistake. This has been fixed so that results now are exactly the same.