4 of 5 Top-Ranked Superliga Clubs Training with Goal Station

4 out of the 5 TOP STANDING Danish Superliga clubs all train in their GOAL STATION Arena using our Technology and Products... Coincidence? We don't think so! - Training with DATA is proven to make progression.

FC Midtjylland (1): 2-time Danish Champions. Holds the record for the highest transfer in Denmark. Current Danish National captain, Simon Kjær was raised in the club. They were the first pro club to buy a Goal Station.


AGF (3): 5-time Danish Champions and 9 times Cup Winners (which is a record.) They have one of the largest fan groups in the country. Is the latest member of the Goal Station family.


Brøndby (4): 10-time Danish Champions and 7-time cup winners. They have the largest fan group in Denmark and have produced talents like Michael Brian Laudrup, Daniel Agger and Peter Schmeichel. They are committed users of Goal Station in their work with talented youth players.

AaB (5): 4-time Danish Champions and 3-time Cup Winners. Also among the traditional clubs in Denmark and has produced lots of talent through the years. They were the first Danish club to participate in the Champions League group stage. They are a key member of the Goal Station family, using the Goal Station not only to target talented players but for bringing the whole community together for a more active lifestyle.